Choose your model of key Honda

Before buying, compare your key with the key on our photos, it should have the same appearance.

Key cover for Honda

Stylish case that perfectly follows the shape of the key and protects it from damage. You will no longer be bothered by damage and scratches. Now you can enjoy the look of the key, or change it depending on your mood.

A unique opportunity to customize car key covers

  • Handmade by Ukrainian craftsmen;
  • For Honda key case is made of genuine leather;
  • Large selection of leather and thread color palette;
  • Protection of the car key from chips and damage;
  • And also it is a unique gift!

We will be able to match the leather to the color of the interior and fulfill your other wishes, just write to us. Timotheus car key covers are a unique product on the market that has no analogues. Stylish design and only quality materials for your convenience.

Combining craftsmanship and the best materials, we create a unique product. All processes are monitored and checked at every stage to ensure a perfect result for our customers.