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Manufactory Timotheus

Unique tailoring of leather products, restoration of shoes, bags and accessories only premium class

For more than 15 years, the Timotheus team has been sewing handmade shoes, bags, wallets, belts and watch straps, as well as restoring premium footwear and leather goods. We bring to life the most non-standard ideas from photographs or sketches of the client.

We are proudly

  • Own production

    We sew shoes and accessories of any complexity in accordance with the wishes of the client and with millimeter accuracy. We work with all types of leather, including exotic.

  • Quality restoration

    For high-quality and technologically correct restoration, we purchase materials, leather, which is used by well-known brands. Our restoration workshop is the most technologically advanced in Ukraine.

  • Unlimited Possibilities

    Timotheus craftsmen master sophisticated tailoring technologies, so they always answer “yes” to any customer request. We offer numerous combinations of colours, leather types and textures.

Exclusive handmade car key covers

A separate area in Timotheus - sewing car key covers. Each case is an exclusive, the result of joint work of our masters. The case is a standard that can be compared to, but can not be achieved. Together we will make car key covers that will speak about its owner no less than a watch, tie or purse.

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